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"The Saint" 50% Lyocell, 50% Recycled Cotton Selvedge Denim

$8.75 per quarter metre $35.00 per metre.

Total price:

80cm wide, made in Italy. 

Rigid (non-stretch) selvedge denim, 13oz (a great substantial medium weight denim, think classic jeans).

Fantastic eco-credentials - practically saint-like!  The cotton component is recycled from cotton waste at the fabric mill, certified Global Recycled Standard. LENZING(TM) Lyocell is made from sustainable forest timber in a closed-loop process. This gives the denim a beautiful fluidity and softness, but it's still a substantial, proper denim. The mill uses advanced technologies to save water, energy and chemicals in the manufacturing processes.

Tech details for the denim-heads: 3 x 1 Right Hand Twill. Double-dip indigo, red cast. Will fade in classic denim style. Woven on a refurbished 1960s shuttle loom.

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