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Heavy weight woven cotton fusible interfacing - White

$3.00 per quarter metre $12.00 per metre.

Total price:

112cm wide.

A woven cotton interfacing alternative for when our lightweight cotton fusible just doesn't provide quite enough heft! Otherwise known as "Buckram", this heavy weight fusible is perfect for bags and hats - particularly wide brimmed hats like the Pattern Fantastique Sulis pattern. Hat image shown is Elbe Textiles Serpentine hat, using this interfacing on the lining of the brim.

Place fabric on top of fusible side (shiny and slightly rough/bumpy to the touch) and press firmly for around 5 to 8 seconds with iron on hottest setting for fabric. Allow to cool and set before moving. (Needs more time and pressure to fuse well than our lighter weight interfacing, but you can go back and re-press any spots that need more persuasion.)

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