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100% Recycled PET 'Marine Fibre' canvas by Haori of Taiwan

$16.15 per quarter metre $64.60 per metre.

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140cm wide, made in Taiwan by the Haori fabric company.

This amazing, heavy duty fabric is made from plastic water bottles retrieved from the sea. The plastic - PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate, a form of polyester - is cleaned, melted and has organic pigments added to produce the coloured threads. It's a really beautiful crossweave of greens and golden browns.

We'd use this to make a hard-wearing bag (from simple tote, to backpack or overnight bag), to upholster kitchen chairs or stools, or to make an ottoman or pouffe (check out the free pattern by Closet Case on their blog).

Of course we'd prefer that there was no pollution in the sea, but it's great to know something useful and rather beautiful can be made as part of the solution. Whilst the fabric is very strong and holds its shape, it is not too thick should easily be handled by domestic sewing machines.

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